Jonathan Frisby recently returned to Ireland from Florence, Italy where he studied full time at the Florence Academy of Art since 2013. Prior to that Jonathan attended Waterford Institute of Technology where he studied Architecture for 3 years. It was during this time on the Architecture course that Jonathan discovered his real passion, painting.

At the Florence Academy, there is a strong emphasis on drawing and particularly the human figure. The emphasis of the academy is on close observation of the material world and one can see in these new paintings Jonathan's strong technical ability has helped him to confidently express in paint what he observes in the world around him. Many of his oil paintings are painted en plein air as he strives to capture the play of light on the landscape forms. He refuses to paint from photographs preferring to battle the elements and the environment for the spontaneous image.

Jonathan, born 1990, is based in Waterford and is a frequent visitor to Westport where he spent the summer working on some of the paintings in this exhibition.